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With a same day service guarantee and all our own equipment Aqua Pro Plumbing can ensure we will have your drain unblocked or repaired quickly and cost effectively minimizing any headaches. By using the latest equipment such as hydro jet, fiber optic inspection cameras as well as specialized excavators Aqua Pro are able to deliver quality work quickly and cost effectively for customers. Using Hydro Jet technology we can ensure you that your drain will be unblocked without causing further damage to pipes like conventional methods such as electric eels. 

Aqua Pro have the skills, experience and equipment needed to quickly and efficiently Unblock or replace your existing drains, Design and install new drainage, Repair or replace guttering and storm water services.
Aqua Pro specialised equipment includes:
  • Hydrojetting for clearing blockages often avoiding the need for costly drain replacement.
  • Fibre-optic vision and cameras for inspecting damaged pipes. 
  • Specialised Excavator to work in confined places speeding up work and minimising impact.
  • Pipe and cable locating to take the guess work out
  • Our Plumbers also have extensive experience in concrete cutting and replacement so we can repair pipes under driveways and paths and re-instate any concrete good as new at a fraction of the cost of re-lining your drains.

What is Hydrojetting?
High pressure water jetter (Hydrojetting) drain cleaning equipment has revolutionized the way that blocked drains are cleared by making short work of drains blocked by tree roots with a unique Turbo Root Mulcher nozzle which vibrates and rotates, clearing roots with a high pressure spinning water jet.
Hydrojet drain cleaning has revolutionized the way that all blocked drains are cleared. Jetters make short work of unblocking 

drains up to 450mm in diameter and unlike conventional methods such as electric eels the Hydro Jet will not cause further damage to your drains.

Blocked Drain Call Now To Have It Cleared Quickly And Effectively James: 0401 623 558


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